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Drug not the party pills.

Posted by suhardi on 22 March 2008

By: Mohd Suhaidi Sautar 

NILAI- “Drug is not party pills for people. These pills can kill people. This pill also can give bad effect in short or long time,” said Mohd Noor Mat Saman, 61, at “Kempen Kesedaran Anti Dadah which started from 27 until 29 Febuary 08, at Islamic Science Universty of Malaysia (USIM) here.


He as a volunteer which already four year joined PEMADAM said, he very sad with situation which happen for young people now.

“Nowdays, young person are not same as young people at my time a long ago. Now, they are very easy to follow their friends and do the wrong things.

“Maybe, they are not having enough attentions from their parents,” he added. 


For Zulkifli, 24, from Faculty of Leadership and Management student, he agrees and very invite with this campaign.

“For me, this is a good campaign and the best way to show information for all students here what the effect will they get if used drug in their live.

“With this, we all can know with detail about a type of drug and also what type of punishment we will get if take drug,” he added.


Meanwhile, for Ahmad Fahmi, 23, from Faculty of Leadership and Management student, he think, all people should give the changed to ex-drug addicted to changed their live.

“We should give them time to ex-drug addicted to change their live. We also must give support to them,” he said.


At the campaign, student can get free poster. At the campaign, student also can check their blood and they can donate their blood. This campaign have co-operate with “Hospital Tungku Najihah” Seremban.    

5 Responses to “Drug not the party pills.”

  1. cutiey gurl said

    jgn slah guna dadah..kesian bdk2 yg terlibat ngan dadah..
    musnah hidup diorang..
    so kenala byakan kempen anti dadah..kt skul,universiti,etc..

  2. gurl said

    jgn slah guna dadah..cian bdk2 yg trlibat ngan dadah..rosak hidup diorng..
    so, k’jaan kenala bykan kempen..kt skul..universiti.etc..

  3. nurul said

    dadah membunuh!!jauhi dadah..hidup psti selamt..

  4. budak comei said

    penagih dadah ni dh x pk psl family diorng..
    diorng pk nk seronok je
    so kenala bykan kempen anti dadah kt seluruh negara..
    barulah selamt anak2 bangsa kta..negara pn akn maju

  5. shrenching said

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